Terms of Service

Last Updated: 19-Sep-2023

Please read these Terms of Service carefully. To list your own community or resources on XIVDirectory, you must accept all the terms.

What we can do for you

We endeavor to create a space where FFXIV communities can connect and grow.

You can use the XIVDirectory platform to display and promote your own community or resource to anybody browsing the website. We give you the tools to properly describe and categorize your entry to help it appear to users who would be the most interested in seeing it.

You provide XIVDirectory with a royalty-free, revocable, worldwide, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the content you submit to us for use on our website, testing, and other directly related purposes.

This might sound like legal mumbo jumbo, but what this means is:

  • Royalty-free: We don’t need to pay you for the content you submit
  • Revocable: If you want to leave, you can leave and the content gets taken down
  • Worldwide: We don’t limit the content to only display in certain countries
  • Non-exclusive: We don’t own or acquire what you give us, so you can submit it elsewhere too
  • Non-transferable: You are only making this agreement with us, no third-party can reuse this license to also get your content
  • License: When you submit something to us, we can use it and display it on the website

We can also run checks on the information you provide to us to ensure it is of good quality, such as checking that you do really own the things you are submitting to us, or that the links work.

What you need to do for us

The communities, resources, and any other content you provide needs to follow certain rules to be listed on XIVDirectory, or to continue to be listed if any of them change down the line:

  • Relevancy: Your content must be related to Final Fantasy XIV at least in part, if not entirely
  • Representation: You need to be involved with the ownership or management of the content somehow. For discord servers, this means at least having “Manage Server” permissions, while other communities and resources must be able to prove that they are authorized to represent it
  • Refresh: Your content should be kept up to date if something significantly changes. Most of the time, this will mean making sure links are kept up-to-date, either by updating them yourself or giving our automated bot the permissions it needs to do so
  • Remain Legal: Communities and Resources must follow any other Terms of Service (E.g. Discord’s guidelines, Twitch Terms, Youtube Terms) that apply to their own links, as well as Local Laws. You must also not have NSFW content appearing directly on XIVDirectory (including descriptions, logos, images) regardless of the Age Rating of the community. While we respect the diversity of content and expression in the FFXIV community, we are uncompromising in ensuring we only list safe and lawful resources.

Keeping it Legal

Illegal NSFW content, especially that involving but not limited to minors, non-consensual acts, and other illicit activities, is unequivocally prohibited on our platform. This extends to any promotion, encouragement, endorsement, or glorification of such content. Violation of this policy will result in immediate action. Within the context of Final Fantasy XIV, sexual acts involving Lalafells are strictly prohibited.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Encouraging real-world drug consumption.*
  • Endorsing real-world unlawful activities.*
  • Offering slave trade services, whether sexual or not.
  • Real money trades (RMT).**
  • Making real-world discriminatory comments.
  • Slandering or harassing other players, servers or real-world individuals.
* Mentions of in-game drugs or their in-game counterparts are acceptable. For instance, referencing somnus dens is allowed. Advocating for in-game versions of illegal activities is also permissible. For example, discussing a fictional scenario about setting a noble's house in Ishgard on fire is okay, but referring to real-world arson is not.
** This restriction encompasses external advertisements offering in-game items, runs, or currency in exchange for real-world payments. However, art commissions, which are considered out-of-game services traded for real-world currency, are exempt from this rule.

Age restrictions

Each server listing comes with one of three Age Ratings: “Teen”, “Mature” and “Adult”. These closely align with the ESRB Ratings Guide. Deliberate attempts to misclassify a community’s Age Rating to appear to a wider audience may result in being permanently removed from XIVDirectory, without notice.

  • Teen: Suitable for most users, may contain some strong language, crude humor or cartoon violence.
  • Mature: May deal with more serious topics, include references to more intense violence (blood, bruising, trauma, etc.), strong language, drugs, or some sexual content.
  • Adult Only: Large focus on NSFW content (This is automatically applied to Age-restricted discord servers), or gambling.

How we enforce these terms

While it is in our best interests to keep you listed on XIVDirectory, we may sometimes have to take action against your listing. We will do our best to notify you if this happens, unless it is not possible to do so.

We run automated data quality checks to ensure content is still relevant, and scan for potential issues that need manual verification. We also allow users to submit reports if they believe there is a problem, ranging from broken links to massive infractions.

In the case of a minor issue such as a broken link or incorrect information, we will keep the listing up but reach out to you to try and resolve the issue. We may also choose to deprioritise the listing in search results depending on how relevant the listing still remains with the broken link.

If an issue is more serious, we reserve the right to immediately remove a listing, for any reason or even without a reason. We also reserve the right to limit or deny access, to a user or users, to part or all of XIVDirectory, if we believe this is necessary.

In the most severe cases, we will not hesitate to escalate reports of violations to other platforms that a community might engage with (Discord, Youtube, Twitch, etc.) and, if necessary, legal authorities.